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Direct Mail services include:
- Call Centre
- Data Processing
- Warehousing

- Laser Bureau
- Inkjet
- Machine Enclosing
- Hand Enclosing

Industry Sectors:
- Agencies
- Charities
- Hotels
- Internet Shopping
- Legal, Insurance, Finance
- Local Authority / Government
- Mail Order
- Printers
- Theatres
- Travel & Tourism
- TV Shopping

A hand enclosing area
Fulfilment / Hand Enclosing

One of JBS' Enclosing Machines
Machine Enclosing

DM, POS and Sampling for Agencies - JBS Direct

JBS Direct are an ideal mailing and fulfilment services partner for Marketing Agencies. We have years of experience, handling mass national press and DRTV campaigns, high or low volume direct mailings, DM, POS and Sampling collation, fulfilment and distribution and general storage and warehousing services. In addition we have exceptional IT programmers in-house who can design and build relational databases from which mailing programmes are managed and fulfiled. Whether you an Agency with a POS, DM, Sampling or other Sales Promotion requirement we have the variety of services to satisfy and exceed your mailing and fulfilment expectations.

At JBS we recognise the importance of handling all your campaigns, pro-actively and efficiently and have developed our internal processes around not only providing quality services but also promoting great customer/client interaction. In short, we like you to view us as an extension to your own agency's team.

Agencies - Direct Mail
Selection and Processing

JBS offers extensive mailing services. Either receiving data files externally or extracting targeted data from a database managed in house we will run data through our thorough data processing routine to ensure it is in the best possible state for mailing. Data will be always be mailsorted if appropriate in order to ensure bulk mailing discounts can be passed onto your client.
JBS Direct provide printing and personalisation using either (B&W) Laser or Inkjet printing. JBS also have bulk label printers for addressing.
Depending on the specification of the mailing we will either hand enclose the contents of the mailer or use our machine enclosers for larger volumes. Whilst there are no restrictions for hand enclosing, our enclosing machines will enclose up to 8 items into either DL or C5 wallets. If you wish we can liaise with your design team to ensure machine compatibility.

Agencies - Campaign Fulfilment
JBS can receive campaign responses by phone, fax, email or post. From receipt, they are entered into the front end of our system ‘Centre Call’. From there the information drops into the back end of the system, ‘Auto Ops’ which automatically generates the relevant labels and letters or whatever printed matter forms part of the response pack.
Once all the printed matter has been generated it moves onto the fulfilment teams where the relevant letters and labels are matched to the promotional material ordered, then enclosed into the appropriate envelopes and finally despatched by the clients chosen postal service.
The front end of the system holds all the information which forms the basis of the clients reports like, Name and address of responder, how they responded, the fulfilment audit (Date responded, date processed, date printed and fulfiled and date despatched) and whatever other value-added information, that requires capturing. These reports can be web enabled so as to offer not only real time reporting but also complete transparency through the fulfilment process.

Agencies - POS and Sampling projects
JBS are ideally geared up to handle any POS or sampling projects that you may have. From POS kit collation to tactical sampling our fulfilment teams always hit your deadlines. JBS have a long history of handling POS or sampling projects across many industries including: toiletries, beverages and confectionary. JBS also offer our clients a network of distribution partners to handle the individual deliveries or we can palletise ready for you or your clients to arrange collection.

Agencies - Returns Handling
JBS has developed an efficient and cost effective returns handling service. If your client’s are tired of wasting money on bad data which isn't being suppressed adequately enough then send the returned mail to our data bureau and we will data capture returns from as little as 5p per record. We will run the records past the mailing file and outload the matches back to the relevant data controllers.

Agencies - Call Centre
JBS Direct operate a small Call Centre to give your customers a friendly and individual service for both in-bound and out-bound projects. With our Lucent Index Call Centre system we can offer fully automated telephone lines 24 hours a day 7 days a week for mass response campaigns. In addition we can programme caller options to allow the enquirer to call switch direct to your client.

Agencies - Storage and Warehousing
To store your goods, JBS Direct’s facility in Farnborough has a 10,000sq ft warehouse where all your precious promotional material will be stored and managed in a clean and modern environment.

JBS Direct ........ your best choice of DM, POS pack or Sampling Pack partner.

For more details please contact our sales and marketing team.

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