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Direct Mail services include:
- Call Centre
- Data Processing
- Warehousing

- Laser Bureau
- Inkjet
- Machine Enclosing
- Hand Enclosing


Industry Sectors:
- Advertising Agency
- Mail Order
- TV Shopping
- Travel
- Charities
- Training / Seminars
- Hotels
- Health Clubs
- Printers
- Local Authority / Government










Quality Direct Mailing and Fulfilment Services

The quality of our direct mailing and fulfilment service is something JBS Direct takes extremely seriously and high work standards are achieved through wholehearted company participation. JBS Direct has quality control officers whose primary objectives are to promote consistently good work standards and to monitor work in progress via daily work audits from procedural checklists. Our commitment to quality issues is also backed up by our industry accreditations.

JBS Direct is proud to be a member of the following organisations:

DMA - Direct Marketing Association
The DMA sets the the codes of practice for direct marketing, which are in place to raise and maintain standards within the direct marketing industry. For more information see JBS Direct's listing (category Mailing House) on the DMA, Direct Marketing Association, web site: JBS Direct's DMA listing

 Member of the DMA

QMP - Quality standard for Mail Production*
This is the highest mailing industry quality accreditation. The QMP accreditation scheme has been developed by Royal Mail and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) with assistance from the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) in response to an industry-wide programme of research and consultation. The aim of the QMP scheme is to ensure the promotion and maintenance of high standards in direct mail production services.

QMP-accredited mailing houses must achieve an average of 80% satisfaction in 11 of 13 categories and must meet the benchmark (established by the 2001 client satisfaction survey) in what are considered by clients to be the two most important service criteria: "Reliability of Service" and "Mailings being Produced to Specification". *

QMP Accredited

*Please note as of early 2007 the QMP have suspended their scheme pending a review by the Royal Mail as to future funding. JBS Direct will continue to maintain the same quality standards as if the QMP were still carrying out their accreditation until the scheme is either re-instated or replaced.

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